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Road Life with Rick Monroe Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Scott Bartlett is best known as the lead guitarist for Southern Rock group Saving Abel (“Addicted”, “18 Days”) but has been creating music under his own brand for years as well. 

Bartlett’s original music has been described as “decidedly southern rock” influenced heavily by his favorite group, The Allman Brothers Band. He says, “I’m a singer-songwriter that writes from experience, but to me it can all be categorized as rock n’ roll. That’s because of the way I play guitar.” In 2014 he released his first EP as a solo artist followed by multiple independent releases as well as several tracks as part of a duo dubbed, “Mad Souls.” His current single, “Sweeter Than Whiskey”, was released in March and is quickly proving to be a fan favorite.

Always looking for growth and expansion opportunities, he recently purchased Young Avenue Sound, a first of its kind recording studio in Memphis.  

While touring with Saving Abel keeps his calendar full in addition to his independent touring, he has grown and diversified his personal brand by creating and promoting his own custom clothing line under the umbrella of The SB Creations.

For additional information on Scott, please visit  You can find his music streaming across all platforms.