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Road Life with Rick Monroe Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

Alex Reymundo with two 1hour specials Red-Nexican & ALMA Award winning Hick-Spanic that aired on Showtime, Comedy Central & NETFLIX; Reymundo’s comedy style appeals to all demographics.

Three words describe him best … FUNNY as HELL.

Alex Reymundo and Ron White own & operate Number JUAN Tequila, a small batch, hand crafted, award winning Tequila

Alex’s exposure to LIVE standup began in Arlington, TX in 1988. Reymundo proudly boasts about serving Ron White Tequila & a Budweiser right before he hit the stage on Tatersalad’s amateur comedy debut. The two Texas comics emerged & traveled the nation together for the first few years of their early careers.

Five years of road gigging throughout the mid-west led Reymundo to Los Angeles where he discovered an exploding Latino comedy scene. It wasn’t long before Alex was touring with Paul Rodriguez. The timing was right, Alex emerged and hit the national scene on Paramount Picture’s The Original Latin Kings of Comedy along side Paul Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, George Lopez & Joey Medina.