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Road Life with Rick Monroe Podcast

Jul 6, 2022

Alan Beeler Bass Player for Rick Monroe and the Hitmen has always loved going deep, so it makes sense that he would pick up a bass.

He currently resides with his mother and cat, as most bass players do, and enjoys the meth-like high of going through excel spreadsheets and color coding various lengths of wire.

He also...

Jun 29, 2022

Scott Bartlett is best known as the lead guitarist for Southern Rock group Saving Abel (“Addicted”, “18 Days”) but has been creating music under his own brand for years as well. 

Bartlett’s original music has been described as “decidedly southern rock” influenced heavily by his favorite group, The...

Jun 22, 2022

Shawn Drover is a Canadian musician, best known for his work with the American heavy metal band Megadeth.

He began playing the drums at the age of 13. In 1993 he founded the Canadian power metal band, Eidolon, with his brother Glen. He uses Sabian cymbals and Yamaha drums, Pro-mark drum sticks, Toca Percussion,

Aug 24, 2020

Alex Reymundo with two 1hour specials Red-Nexican & ALMA Award winning Hick-Spanic that aired on Showtime, Comedy Central & NETFLIX; Reymundo’s comedy style appeals to all demographics.

Three words describe him best … FUNNY as HELL.

Alex Reymundo and Ron White own & operate Number JUAN Tequila, a small batch, hand...

Aug 10, 2020

Nashville drummer Zack Stewart was born in Owensboro, KY. Zack began playing drums at the age of 10 when his parents bought him a snare drum. Along with playing in local bands Zack was also a member of his school’s music program. After high school Zack went on to attend the University of Kentucky and then the...